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if you know vbar well, then generally it's not a hard job to setup the vbar on a new bird... it's more a question of the first ~10 flights (with pc) for trying different settings (some playing around can be done using different bank setups) and playing with the gains plus letting trim-flight & the head & tail optimisers do their job. and it is flying fantastic once tuned!

but - of course - full integration for setup, access to really all features of the fbl and live tuning etc makes live much easier..... especially if you are new to it and want to feel the impact of the different parameters... some clicks up, some clicks down in flight is great. but one can live without that for sure - just some more test-flights!

the huge difference for me comes later... when - after flight #27 - you have the idea that you maybe need a little higher/lower tail rotation speed or whatsoever. or just check vibration level in flight once in a while. or testing of new blades. if you always have your pc with you on the field then this will not be a problem... or if you have full integration like on your Dia

the 2nd huge difference is telemetry integration... depending on receiver & Esc used, this is not the strongest point in NEO-Spektrum-combos.

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