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For reference:
JETI DC/DS Transmitter Update V5.04

New Features:
  1. Updated device definitions and configuration files (REX-RS).
  2. DS-12, DC-16II: the 900MHz NG (Next Generation) backup module can be enabled after the appropriate module activation via the JETI SW shop
  3. New wizard for helicopters equipped with the Spirit FBL stabilization unit. In the Main Menu – Heli Tuning it is possible to enter directly the configuration menu of the FBL unit.
  1. Updated Spanish translations.
  2. Fixed behavior on deletion of flight mode.
  3. Fixed MP3 playback if the file contains ID3 tags.
  4. Non-identified devices are shown in the Device Explorer with the "N/A" text description and it is not possible to enter the device configuration.
  5. DC16-II: Fixed trainer mode over the PPM Jack connector.
  6. Lua: Fixed possible memory leak during creation of the Selectbox widget.
  7. Lua: It is possible to redirect the audio playback via the setProperty function. Audio is redirected to the internal GPIO connector on the I2S pins (see the Lua API documentation).
    • system.setProperty ("AudioRedir","Output") – redirects only audio output.
    • system.setProperty ("AudioRedir","Both") – both audio output and input are redirected.
    • system.setProperty ("AudioRedir","Off") – disables audio redirection function.
  8. Telemetry reception is now forbidden if an unregistered (non-assigned) receiver has been detected after powering up the transmitter.
  9. The "New" and "Delete" buttons in various forms have been replaced by the equivalent icons ("+" and "").
The switch conversion dialog (see Model – Functions assignment, F1 button) now displays the assigned controls correctly.
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