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I flew Ikon for years and switched early last year to V bar. I have both the legacy and neo V bars. I do fly them with a Futaba 8fg as I love the feel of the radio, have flown V control and just not a fan of the feel of the transmitter in my hands.

With that being said, all my tuning is done with the laptop. It isn't the most fun bringing the laptop to the field, but once the heli is setup and tuned how I like it there really isn't much more I'm going to mess with.

As for flying characteristics, I do prefer the V bar. It did take some getting used to though, that's for sure. It did take far less tuning to get it flying how I like than the Ikon did. Not downplaying the Ikon, but just my personal preference with how it flies. The V bar did feel more locked in and tracks better in big air flying right away. In my opinion, the cyclic has a more locked in feeling, but felt more fluid at the same time.
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