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Originally Posted by CFerry View Post
Oh boy, don't hold your breath, I'm a really slow builder, lol.

But if I follow my own logic, I might as well just by it now. Looks like the upgrade to pro is pretty cheap, which would give me the optimizer.
You know it is. I used to think that the NEO was expensive, but then I considered what you got versus what I was paying for spectrum + brain2:

NEO - $250 + $97 (USD) for pro-Rescue: $347
Brain2 - $165 + 4651t - $40 + 2x9745 - $70: $275

Its a bit more but not like I thought when initially looking at $165 compared to $347. Gotta put those receivers in there.

Then I thought the Vcontrol Touch was expensive ($1200 or $1325 if you want colors), but Futaba radios are up around there ($1000+). Jeti radios are around $1000 for the cheapest one if you unlock all the software on it ($550 base price I think). Spectrum really only has 2 decent radios - DX9 ($480) and IX20 ($1400) and some say the IX20 isn't decent.
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