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Originally Posted by curmudgeon View Post
I have a VBCt, eight Neo VLinks with Pro/Rescue, and one Neo receiver. I like how the Neo Vlink is both a FBL unit and a receiver in a compact package. I like how the VBCt radio and Neo VLink integrate 100%, so no need for a laptop. The VBCt radio has integrated WiFi, so I never have to connect it to a computer. The Neo VLink firmware also updates wirelessly, so I never have to connect it to a computer either.

As much as I am pretty happy with this system, I cannot recommend a Neo to someone who is not committed to also purchasing a VBC radio. With Spektrum radios, I consider both Spirit and/or Brain2/iKon2 better options as they offer integration and telemetry which you would not get with a Neo.
I have never had my NEO or VBCt connected to a PC.

I agree - without a Vcontrol radio, I don't understand wanting a NEO. The magic is in the combo.
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