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Originally Posted by Smoggie View Post
FWIW.. You dont need three receivers with Spektrum. The SPM4651T is a dual diversity receiver, just like the receiver in the VControl. If you are happy to rely on a single dual diversity VControl receiver then you should be equally happy to rely on a similar single Spektrum receiver.

If you want the additional security of three way receiver redundancy then I'm not sure you can even do that at any price with VControl? If you can it's going to be expensive.
Maybe ... but several people say you need as many satellites as you can get with Spectrum and the fades I get on my radio would tend to concur with that assessment... Many of these same people say you don't need sats with any other radio system (many of them ex: Jeti, Mikado don't even make them or don't sell them in the USA).

Plankers at my field will run many sats (one guy was running like five) on their planes when using spektrum but run none when using Futaba (don't know if Futaba even has sats) .. it seems that Spektrum has a range problem with their signal technology I guess or something (or so I've been told).

Even with two sats, my Oxy5 MEG fell out of the sky once ... just shut the motor off and fell out of the sky. There was some argument about what caused it over in the brain2 forum, but braindev said it was loss of signal from the logs/graph data that was available (I still think it was a software glitch). That + the poor gimbals and no charging light on my dx8g2 got me looking for something different and I ended up with a Vcontrol touch... couldn't be happier Getting the system and setting it up on my Goblin 500 and then comparing it to the old system gave me the same sort of feeling you get when you buy a new gaming computer after like 6 years (or insert any long period between purchases of things such as cars where technology has significantly advanced in the time between) ... the night and day difference ... the advanced technology ...
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