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Originally Posted by fiddle View Post
You might be right on the sat thing ... There is certainly the possibility of unjustified paranoia with $3k worth of equipment floating about in the air!
it's not paranoia... there are clear recommendations given by the Spektrum developers (ie Miguel Alvarez) to use at least 2 RXs on "anything 500+"... i guess they know why they are recommending it.

before i switched to Jeti i was testing the 4651T (switching diversity only!) which was really working good on a Logo 400SE (480 size, full plastic, no CF frame) as a single receiver (but not the 4649T before). on all of my bigger helis 1 additional sat (full rx on the back & on sat in the front) was a real need to avoid massive fades and many frame losses. today i am flying 1 Jeti Rex3 on the back with permanent 100% signal quality on all helis, even the 700 birds. same is valid for Mikado and Futaba.

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