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Originally Posted by Rabid121 View Post
it's not paranoia... there are clear recommendations given by the Spektrum developers (ie Miguel Alvarez) to use at least 2 RXs on "anything 500+"... i guess they know why they are recommending it.

before i switched to Jeti i was testing the 4651T (switching diversity only!) which was really working good on a Logo 400SE (480 size, full plastic, no CF frame) as a single receiver (but not the 4649T before). on all of my bigger helis 1 additional sat (full rx on the back & on sat in the front) was a real need to avoid massive fades and many frame losses. today i am flying 1 Jeti Rex3 on the back with permanent 100% signal quality on all helis, even the 700 birds. same is valid for Mikado and Futaba.

I cant dispute this at all, I've personally never tested it (I always used to use a redundant satellite when i was using Spektrum) but it's strange to say the least that only Spektrum should need these additional receivers when all are brands are now using the same diversity antenna primary receiver technology.

Is Spektrum's RF performance really so much worse than all other 2.4GHz protocols? This seems hard to understand given that they have been doing the 2.4GHz 'thing' longer than any other brand and have had three iterations of their DSM technology in which to 'get it right'.

Idle curiosity on my part because i dont have a dog in the fight anymore, I'm on Jeti now and using a single receiver with no issues.
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