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Originally Posted by Smoggie View Post
I cant dispute this at all, I've personally never tested it (I always used to use a redundant satellite when i was using Spektrum) but it's strange to say the least that only Spektrum should need these additional receivers when all are brands are now using the same diversity antenna primary receiver technology.

Is Spektrum's RF performance really so much worse than all other 2.4GHz protocols? This seems hard to understand given that they have been doing the 2.4GHz 'thing' longer than any other brand and have had three iterations of their DSM technology in which to 'get it right'.

Idle curiosity on my part because i dont have a dog in the fight anymore, I'm on Jeti now and using a single receiver with no issues.
I was talking to a planker yesterday who just got the shiny new IX12 (against my advice - i told him to look at Jeti) and he was showing me the receiver that was going into his new plane. It came with a satellite right in the package. He said there was another one that was 12 channels that came with 4 satellites (or 5 I can't remember exactly) and different lengths of cable so you could mount the sats all over your plane. The one he had had diversity antennas also. It seems even they know they have a problem.
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