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i guess one reason is that Spek does not really have a good single-line receiver for helis that can be compared to i.e. Jeti's Rex3 (light, tiny, full diversity, multi protocol, telemetry enabled, 4 ports, Sat capable, 900Mhz backup, etc etc etc).

the 4651T is +/- same price, but not 'full' diversity - it's only switching diversity (when problems on antenna 1 the Rx is switching to antenna 2 hoping signal is better there... it's not constantly receiving on both antennas like Mikado or Jeti). it cannot accept a sat by itself. it cannot connect telemetry sensors or Escs by itself. is only speaks SRXL2. etc etc etc

the bigger Spek receivers are simply taking more place and w/ additional sats more problems to be solved in cabling and antenna positioning. been there 10+ yrs... and after AR7700 it did not get better... it's working but far from perfect. not want to blame them... we're just discussing... i'm happy today. we are simply not their focus customers.
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