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Default Futaba FASST receiver with Radiomaster TX16

Hey guys.

I am dusting off my old gear and getting back into the swing of things. I have multiple Futaba FASST receivers and a Futaba 6EX.

I am looking at getting a Radiomaster TX16.

The writeup says that it binds with Futaba S FHSS, but there is no mention of FASST.

Does anyone know if it will be able to bind to my FASST receivers?

Also, I am a bit noob with this whole openTX thing, which did not exist years ago when I stopped flying. If I do get the Radiomaster TX16, and it is not compatible with my FASST receivers, what receivers do I look for? I see no "specific" receivers for this radio, rather jus the fact that it can bind to many "other" receivers.

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