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Welcome to the Jeti family!

In short, any Jeti receiver that supports Sbus will work, which is nearly all of them.

You won’t need satellite receivers, as the signal strength from just the 2 antenna leads should provide solid RF coverage for any heli, so long as the ends of the antennas are outside any carbon fiber panels or canopies.

The Light series of receivers (R4L, R5L) are the smallest and lightest, but they’re not the easiest to mount due to it’s not using a standard case. Their normal receivers are still plenty small & light enough for helis, so I stick with them.

If all you plan to connect is the Spirit 2, than the R3/RSW receiver will be perfect. It’s the smallest of the cased receivers that’s available in the US, and has the Sbus output.

The REX7 will also work, but you’re paying for more servo connections that you won’t be using, unless you wanted to control servos for retracts / lights / whatever.

As for telemetry, you should be able to pass through all telemetry from your ESC, slo long as its one of the supported brands (Hobbywing, Jeti, Scorpion, and some more).

You can also add in Jeti telemetry sensors if you wanted to measure thins like motor temp, individual cell voltages, altitude, and more. They even offer a flow sensor for your nitro heli to measure flow rate, and fuel consumed. For most electric heli pilots, the info from their ESC is all they need.

** If you plan to add external Jeti telemetry sensors, you’ll need to go with the REX7 receiver. On the R3, the port normally used for telemetry is repurposed for Sbus, but on the REX7, you can set any one of the 7 outputs to Sbus, leaving the EX port available for external telemetry sensors.
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