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Originally Posted by Limp_J View Post
.... Are there any common practices or suggestions on the best way to mount antenna? I have seen some people using 3D printed mounts on the Henseleit forum. What do others do?

for Spirit RS i am using the 'classic' Mikado tail boom antenna mount (or similar). it's simple and working perfect! (signal strenght/quality)...

Originally Posted by smokin3000gt View Post
Good to know! Using only a Spirit RS on a nitro bird, would I be able to run RPM sensor and temp sensor?
Jeti mrpm sensor will work of course in parallel (as it is EX too... and you have 2 ports free on Spirit RS: EXT and E1 - just never use E2. if more ports are needed there are port-extenders). but if it is for Spirit nitro governor someone else has to jump in... no experiences with that one

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