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This is my thinking,
If you only plan to run Vbar, then Vcontrol makes sense.

If you want to run different fbl units, have a simple receiver in something like a glider and or want to fly any of the bnf stuff, Spektrum makes sense.

I had the original Vcontrol, and decided to only use Vbar neo, then I decided to go back to the club and fly my planes with other friends, well the cost to setup one plane let alone multiple was just ridiculous. Besides that aside from using the Vcontrol a couple of times for setup I never used it for programming beyond those times.

Is Vcontrol a decent radio? Well yes, but it comes at a cost and bare in mind you don’t get any sort of bundle discount cause you own one together with Vbar. (Pro rescue etc)

I really do think Vbar is worth it, but I haven’t flown one in 5 years, in that time others have made big strides in development.

I’m making the switch to Spektrum at the moment, and definitely considering all options as far as fbl systems including Vbar Neo.
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