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Originally Posted by CFerry View Post
Should I take this as 'there's nothing special about a V-bar in terms of flight performance'?

The only reason I'm considering trying a V-bar is because I've read that it's a great fbl. I'm willing to sacrifice the lack of integration with my DX8 if it offers excellent performance with a Logo.

I've been flying Spartan and Spirit, but wanting to try something new.
Not ruling out trying Vcontrol down the road if I like V-bar.
No idea - I've only ever used VBAR with (EDIT: somehow this said without previously) the Vcontrol touch. The other combo I use (the one I started with) is Spektrum + brain2. Since the flying feel seems (to me) to be a combination of the TX and FBL ... I couldn't tell you if one FBL is better than the other. I can tell you the difference is night and day with Vcontrol touch + VBAR vs the Spektrum + brain2 ... the Vcontrol easily wins. But how much of that is the gimbals on the TX not sucking vs the FBL ?
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