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Originally Posted by CFerry View Post
Okay, got it. The whole package maybe is what all the adoration is about.
But there are definitely two trains of thought......only with Vcontrol and okay without Vcontrol if you don't mind the extra effort.
I may still try one, and try to save some time tuning by upgrading to the pro to utilize the optimizer.
But would still have to bring the laptop to the field.
Thanks for all the replies!
Its not about it being easier or harder for me ... its more like using a well engineered and thought out product (Vcontrol touch + VBAR NEO + YGE telemetry ESC) vs a thrown together thing that works but could be better (Spektrum + Brain2 + whatever telemetry ESC). It works fine, but is more difficult and cumbersome to deal with. If you are into IT, it's like comparing an open source solution with a good solution from a for profit company. The open source solution might work fine (and might even be cheaper if you ignore the man hours that will go into it), but the journey to get there is more difficult and not straight forward and there might be a lot of finger pointing in the case of failure... I don't know - just my opinion ... I'm sure you know how common opinions are
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