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rare rescue problems have been seen on both of them mostly due to vibrations. see reports in vbar forum and Spirit forum... some destroyed helis happened on both sides. i've had the problem myself (with firmware 3.0 - only there was a problem for some weeks) on one(!) heli with Spirit 2 - rescue was a bit bent. since 3.1 (already in beta) this was completely gone. the heli had bad vibrations as the new in flight vibration logging in 3.1 was showing then... tail shaft bearing (really) dead.

due to the better integration & telemetry (Jeti) i am almost finished with migration of all my helis from Neo to Spirit 2/RS. with similar setup and flight style settings i would not see one of the both flying really better... not even very different. and i am flying them side by side. only rescue on Spirit has much more features - this cannot be denied (i.e. override or even stop a rescue)

as Eury said - integration & telemetry makes the difference - this is/was the key decision point between both for me too. of course they fly both great without too... BUT...

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