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Looks like they are slowly creating their own ecosystem in which you must be using all of their electronics and packs to make full use of the features. That's going to be a hard sell for more experienced guys with bigger kit models. Their packs are just way overpriced 15C batts, and how many guys are actually equipping their Goblin 700s with all Spek electronics?

A couple nice small changes for anyone else otherwise, but the question will be at what cost and would it be worth the upgrade? My guess is they will do as they have always done with their so called "high end" models in the past.

That is to overprice the 10 into the same realm or even higher than much better featured and well established actual high end radios that anyone outside their ecosystem would typically buy anyway, so they will never get that business.

In other words it won't really offer any more actual flight functionality that anyone outside of the ecosystem currently using 6 year old DX9 already has, but at Jeti prices and the choice will be a no brainer for most in that scenario
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