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I wasn't sure if we'd ever see something non-Android again like the DX9. Glad to see Spektrum keep that choice out there.

DX9 is still a great radio. The DX transmitters can still do just about everything mentioned in that video.

The most interesting NX feature to me is the fact that the internal memory can be connected to a computer by USB, eliminating the need for SD cards. However, you can still use an micro SD card if you like (handy at the field/sharing with other people). The SD card slot on the DX series has become quite dated since it doesn't seem to like Class 10 cards or cards over a certain size.

Another plus is that all of the NX radios have the lithium battery now. I never did understand why the Gen 2 DX series (6/7/8) was based on a case that was designed for AA batteries and the rechargeable battery seemed like an afterthought.

I also like the fact that the NX6 has a 7th channel that can only be operated by a switch. I have never recommended a 6-channel radio for this hobby because stabilization takes up its own channel to control which flight mode you're in. Even though the 7th channel is limited to a function like that, at least it keeps all 6 of the main channels open for flight controls.

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