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Yep, it appears to be the current UI being used on the DX line with a four color display rather than B/W, but this is fine and much better than the failed Android attempt.

The pre order pricing is in and the 10 with the hall effect gimbals is discounted to $500. Anyone wanting one will get the best prices on the first release and then they will raise them $50-$100 shortly after as they always do when new models are released.

Im still using my several year old, first release silver DX9 because it just works. Im a Spirit FBL guy and the integration is clunky between Spektrum and the unit as it is with any other integrated FBL unit brand, but it does work and it great for quick tuning changes of all parameters at the field if needed. All telemetry is already handled by the FBL unit and works great so there is zero need for one of their ESCs. One of the new Spek TX models would give me nothing more than I already have now

On the other hand Spirit has a partnership with Jeti and a FBL unit with the Jeti RX integrated into a single unit. I can get a 16 channel, full color screen Jeti with hall effect gimbals, all the needed apps already built in and ton more features and configurability of the unit plus a very slick and purposeful integration between the two capable of setting the entire FBL unit up on the TX if I wished for $580.

Its the exact same ecosystem concept they are building, but using much better and higher quality hardware throughout the entire model for what is essentially the same price or less as what fully equipping a model in all Spek gear would be

Its a no brainer for guys like me and I will likely join many others and finally jump ship from Spek on my next build whatever it may be, but my trusty old DX9 has served me well
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