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Originally Posted by Medic33 View Post
Just in response to Colin; my numbers came from Peter Wales, and while they might be on the higher end, they include a significant “Oh, Crap!” factor.

Spending a bit more on a more powerful motor is a much better deal than seeing your scale ship auger in!

And I probably fly less aggressively than most scale pilots... Having the power there doesn’t mean I use it.

Fair enough. I think we just work it out differently and get to a similar answer.

My numbers (based on many in the scalehelis forum) are lower and based on actual logged realistic in-flight power, and I then suggest an actual motor power number that is around double the realistic number to deal with the unexpected (as quoted from my post below).

I would certainly never suggest to anyone to buy a motor (if it is even possible since most are 3D-biased motors) that is only good for the baseline conservative scale flying.

Originally Posted by Andy01 View Post
I am going to chime in here.

Generally I look at my maximum power draw in normal flight, and double it (for an unplanned evasive move) to get the most likely maximum ever power draw.


Anyway, I think it may be academic since the OP doesn't appear to have been back to comment or further discuss the answers and advice given in this thread - gotta love that

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