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The switch between the funnels is not that difficult. The key to a funnel figure 8 is to practice all funnel orientations and directions. The only thing you need is to punch the collective enough to stop it and start gaining momentum in the other direction. Mine is still sloppy, need to practice more each funnel orientation but it's getting there.

In hurricanes there are two main keys. One is how much collective to use to keep it at the same altitude (although of course tilt angle with aileron counts but I had more issues hitting the sweet spot of collective) and the other is the tail. To keep it nice and at 180 degrees you need to give very little rudder so you have little to maneuver with. Sometimes you have to mostly let go of rudder until the tail is on the right spot and then just slightly keep it there. I am really scared to do those in real life as a crash during those would be devastating. I do them much higher and without as much collective, so I don't tilt them as much. Of course they are much cooler knife edge so that's what I am working on.

Originally Posted by Beserkr View Post
Very nice dude! Love the funnels, especially the switches between, really impressive!
No matter how much I've tried those, I simply can't throw out funnels or 'canes.
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