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You say they aren't difficult and I've read guides on how to fly them (your description of hurricanes was great by the way and I'll keep referring to it!), but I just really struggle.

The fact I always sim with micro helis probably doesn't help. The only heli I'm really flying right now is my 150s, so I'm trying to sim as accurately as I can by using the 130x or M2.

I found out when I took the 150 out yesterday that the M2 is just too stable to be a good simulacrum - in real life the 150 is nowhere near as locked in. The 130x while a fair bit more squirrely is much closer.
No Joke!!!! a 450 will feel more like the sim,.. and you will be amazed at how good you can fly compared to a micro! Fly a 700, and you will think gravity left the building,. and it flies is slow motion!!!! :O The difference is like opening the sim,.. choosing a model,.. flying it at 100% normal time,.. then setting the time scale to 65%!!!! That is how much easier it is to fly a bigger model!!!! EXCEPT,.... for the intimidation factor!!!! Following the AMA guidelines of flying far away from yourself and others,.. the bigger models are also much easier to see, and keep track of orientation,.. however,.. the fear of bank account depletion in the event of a crash is another story!!!
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