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Originally Posted by Beserkr View Post
I once said the same thing about inverted forward circuits

But I hear ya - they're truly next-level moves and I think it will take a LOT of blood, sweat, toil and tears for me to master them!

But not yet - I'm trying to be structured and disciplined in my training. Now I have a reasonable handle on inverted forward flight, I'm going to 'master' inverted backwards and upright backwards before I really put any time in to advanced moves like hurricanes, funnels and piro-flips.
  • I so far can do upright forwards and backwards flight.
  • I can sort of do inverted tail first flight (is that forward or backward ?? LOL). I can do it, but have trouble maintaining a constant altitude and stringing together multiple 8s without crashing. I only do this in the sim so far.
  • I can do sloppy tail down funnels (non-inverted). Sloppy because I do not maintain a constant altitude. Also only done in the sim so far.
  • Of course I can hover in all orientations and do the slow piro thing whilst doing it.
  • Loops and rolls and crappy in place continuous flips and crappy rainbows also
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