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My experience has been all over the place. But I have found some more advanced maneuvers make me realize something and then I try to do some basics. For me a mix of back and forth was worked so far although I don't know if that has slowed down my progress. It could be just my natural (in)aptitude for learning this stuff hehe.

My focus this cold weather sim season is as follows:

1. Funnels in all directions and orientations.
2. Half piro flip transitions.
3. Butterfly or whatever it is called, basically an 8 swapping between inverted and upright.
4. Funnel figure 8's.

And yes I am trying low hurricanes but those will be reserved for the sim for now even if I get them well. A crash during those would be catastrophic. Everything else I can do high or even a bit low and recover relatively easy.

That's kind of a big ordeal. Last season I also set very high goals and although they didn't come out perfect, I did reduce the gap between sim and reality quite a bit so that made me happy
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