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Nice! I think I can learn from your stick movements there. I haven't been holding a constant rudder like you were. Cheers for sharing
One tip to help practice and learn, most all piro moves, it was suggested to use a very low D/R on the rudder,.. ie:50% or so,... by doing this,.. you can practice by holding full rudder,.. aleviating the need to constantly work towards keeping a constant piro speed. I've not tried it, as I'm also afraid of this teaching me some bad habit,.. lol. It does seem like it could help.

For me,. I'm not quite doing constant piro flips, but I can say for sure, something that really helped me start learning them,. was going back to basics!!!!! Piro and hover,.. try to stay in one area. After that,... start moving along the flight line, while piroing (slowly is fine). Next,.. fly all the way left,... stop, and fly all the way right,.. all the meanwhile, keeping a constant piroette. If you have to stop rotating to catch yourself,.. don't fret,.. stop tail in,.. reorientate,.. then continue on! After that, I started piroing while doing figure 8s. Then,.. same thing while inverted. It really helps a ton to get your basics locked in! Once this became fairly easy,.. half flips,.. and piroetting funnels were within sight! I never think about stirring, or even trying to,.. you end up just doing it naturally as your brain is constantly correcting without thinking about it.
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