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Your video was a fantastic flight and it was for real, mine was without remorse crashing without guilt

I agree sound is terrible, maybe we can push Ade and Johnny to improve that. But so far it is the one that has helped me translate my practice to reality better than any other.

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Nice Flight!!! Watching your vid backs up what I'm thinking every day I practice w AccuRC!!!! I keep thinking its just me while flying, but watching a vid,.. gawd,.. I wish they would do some work on the sound!!!!! I pulled up another sim I think is a ways behind,,.. but the sound is soooo much better!!! With that, I know it is very possible!!!! Yet,.. it's not been addressed in how many years now?!?!?!? I still support AccuRC 100%,.. but I am really disappointed the sound, being such a major part of the experience, has not been updated since the release of the software!
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