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Yeah, come on Jonas, just do it! It can't be that hard

Narrator: It is that hard.

I've done it for RealFlight years ago. Someone who doesn't know how sampling a flying machine for a simulator works may not understand how hard it is, but when you realize the insane amount of time and recording equipment required to get a somewhat tolerable result, you might better understand why it's not super high on the priority list.
ok,. yes, understandable!!! I admit with zero hesitation! I have no idea about programming, and sims. I do, however have a lot of knowledge about recording and sound. Not enough to even wiegh in,.. yet,.. I say again, I use another sim that has much better sound, so I know it can be done. Is it easy? I'm sure its not! Is it important? IMO,.. it is super important!!! Of course it would never happen, but imagine if all the sim designers put their hard work together and used the best parts of all their work?!?!?

Maybe it's just me, I want too much, but it never hurts to state your opinion. My opinion is, that sound has been lacking for a long time, and would think it were more important than more models,.. or more part types. Either way,. I still practice daily w AccuRC, and stand behind the project! The team is always working hard, and I would never say they weren't!
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