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Originally Posted by Johnny31297 View Post
Well, guess what sound you're hearing
I was not specifically talking about the Kraken sound, but rather, ALL heli sounds,...

One thing that really stands out to me is how the sound doesn't dissipate with distance as in real life(it does a small amount, but far from realistic). Is there a setting for this I've missed?

Another being that is the same sound blade sound for collective negative and positive,.. coming at you or away.

there is no low end growl in the blade farts,.. is more high end and midrange frequencies, and missing that deep growly sound!

Also missing that hard push blade sound, when doing a full collective punch out,.. we only hear a short blat,.. then it's weak.

The other software I've used to compare is not perfect either,.. far from it,.. yet it is a lot more fulfilling,.. and really helps with the illusion of a simulation!

I'm not trying to beat anyone up about it, so please don't take offence,.. I'm just trying to state my point, that it could use some work! Also, sorry about hijacking the thread,.. was not my intention,..

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