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Originally Posted by toadiscoil View Post
Thanks! For me the key was this past season. I hit the sim hard last winter and then come flying season I changed FBL and it fit better for me as far as making the sim and reality feel closer. Then I practiced a lot at the beginning of the flying season and cemented what I had learned to try to make the next step.

Now sim season has started for me again and I am trying to push to learn new things. Nothing too fancy, just trying to continue the flow and trying to use the rudder more and fly the same things in more directions. That alone makes the flight seem so much better.

Hopefully that will make me fly better next season
I'm sure you will make a big jump. I am also in the midst of changing over to a new FBL/TX system. I only have it on one of my helis so far, but it has made a big difference. Will see when I have it on most of them next year. Don't think I'll be at your level though!
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