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Default I have a free gyro and helicopter for that matter.

This afternoon, just as the sun was about 5 degrees above the horizon, I made what is normally a fatal mistake by flying at fairly low altitude and making a turn right into the sun. I lost all sight of my Diabolo 800. For only the second time ever (10+ years of flying helicopters), I was able to quickly hit the panic button and level the helicopter until it came into view out of the glare of the sun. Complete save, I didn't even panic about loosing it and finished the flight as if nothing had happened. I have a second 6250 now in my sport scale Jet Ranger chassis and I will be enabling the recovery on it. For that matter, even though I have not used that function in years, I will be setting it up on my other gyros that are so equipped. It is actually crazy not to, even if you never need it but when you do need it, the cost savings alone, will make it worth every cent spent and every second used to set it up. Take care, I'm one happy puppy.

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