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Originally Posted by vultage View Post
what really helped me w piroeting flips along w all piro flying,.. was to go back to basic of basics!!! flying sideways,.. circuits flying all directions,. then inverted circuits of all directions!!! Before I knew it,.. I could piro around these circuits without a single thought,.. then piroetting tic tocs,.. slowly, concentrating more on the 45 degree rainbows,.. once those became fluid,.. piroing at the same time wasn't even part of a thought process!!! Point being,.. BASICS, BASICS, BASICS!!! the Basics are the basis for all more advanced manuevers!!!!

Many of the pro pilots have said it again and again,. don't try to stir the sticks,.. but rather, learn the basics, and you will "stir" without even thinking about it!
I have taken good note of this, seems like excellent advice! I'm doing OK with forward and backward inverted now. Can sort of do upright backward flight, but not good enough to want to try it for real just yet.
Planning on mastering that before I try anything more complex.

My new M2 arrived a few days ago, but I'm still waiting for the sat I need to arrive! So, I've been hammering the sim.

This is me messing around just now. I feel like I'm still pretty rough around the edges with most moves, but getting there!

OMP M2 Helicopter - Sim Practice in AccuRC 2 (3 min 5 sec)

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