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I flew an OMP M2 v1. They pull hard and fly nice, but the problem I feel is that they tend to drop much faster. Lift is not enough, even with those little blades running at extreme RPMs. So it ends up being very agile, but you have to be on top of the collective as they lack a lot of float. That's what everyone calls "it feels bigger" they usually refer to the lift that higher blade surface gives you.

So, also you may hear that nitro helis help you build better collective management because they don't pull as hard and instant as an electric. I think that micros can help you also build that skill by not giving you enough float. I bet once you learn how to fly them, a bigger one will allow you to fly way smoother. In my experience, 500 size is where you start feeling that difference between "big" and "small" helis.

Originally Posted by Beserkr View Post
You have to get good at them first haha! I feel like I'm approaching a crunch point, where any new moves will be MUCH harder to learn.
Both excited and intimidated by that heh.

It does all make sense as you say though, so even though cash (as well as lack of safe flying space) is the driving force behind flying micros, tighter skills would be a nice side benefit.
As for micros not pushing as hard, the M2 might be an exception there from what I've seen (I hope). I read somewhere the M2 motor is 380W; the motor in my Blade 400 is only 325W!!
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