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Originally Posted by Beserkr View Post
I know exactly what you mean, a bit like flying a rock with a rocket attached...
I've hovered a 500X at the local club, but nothing else as it wasn't mine and didn't get too much of a feel for it.

Apart from that, my B400 is the biggest heli I've really flown. Spent most of my real flying time with the Nano S2 (flying a rock with with an asthmatic smoker attached!) and my 150S. I still find myself letting the 150 drop more than I like when catching it inverted.

All good practice as you say though. Very patiently waiting for the day when I hopefully can get myself a nice 470 or 550 🙂
totally!!! I flew micros for a long time, then 450 Pro(325mm). The 450 was soooo much easier to do everything with!!! As I found an affordable deal on a 570, and then finally a 700,.. the 450 started to feel like a micro! Of course the size, but more apparently,.. the feel in the air!!! The bigger blade models were like flying in slow motion, and 100% more stable. I was able to do manuevers I couldn't have dreamed of doing w the 450,. :O. The downside obviously, is the price of a crash, and the initial investment. Of course, you are more careful when flying your last 3 months spending $. However,.. "knock On wood",.. I've yet to crash my bigger models. It's only been a few years, and I normally use the smaller models when feeling brave,.. but I can still do way more with the big birds!!! LEts not forget to mention that,.. since the models are so much bigger,.. your able to fly much higher and further away without feeling like you can't tell what orientation your model is in!
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