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I'm in the market for a TX, so this may meet my needs. Comments below on alternatives and competition is fair to post, since this model is entering someone else's market, to a degree.
I have a DX7g2 and 6 iKON'd helis. Starting from scratch, and wanting to avail myself of all these systems have to offer, an A vs B comparison would be appropriate. But like many others, I start from an existing fleet, so identifying my needs, then determining the cost/benefit of my alternatives is my next step.
I am getting into bigger helis and want telemetry to at least monitor and report on my battery. I don't mind using my pc to setup the FBL, except changing gain via TX would be nice. Any other telemetry info I might should consider?
So, using Spektrum and iKONs, what is needed along with the NX10 to accomplish my needs?
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