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I guess a lot is going to depend on your mix of ESCs. A large portion of the information that we gather and use is from the various ESCs we use. HW, Spektrum, Castle, etc. all have data that can be sent from our helicopters to our transmitters.

Some require an adaptor (Castle Spektrum Telemetry Link) to get the information to a remote (4649T) that can then get the information to our transmitter. Some need only to have the SRXL2 4651T connected to the gyro in order to be received by our transmitters. If you have an older system that you don't desire to upgrade to SRXL or SRXL2, then the much older TM1000 can still do the job for you and will allow communication with Castle ESCs via the Castle Spektrum Telemetry Link.

I think you need to list out what your ESCs are. The iKON2 is able to use a number of different ESCs and get the telemetry information to your radio but I am sure that you will need at least the SRXL protocol and the 4649T. Take care.

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