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Although I have not installed an HW ESC before, I have partially installed one in a Logo 800 with an iKON2 at the helm. The owner and I cannot get together this weekend or I would be able to give you a rundown on the final product in operation as it would be the 800 with the HW 200 w/BEC, an iKON2, and run by a DX9. It is hooked up but has not been programmed yet as we were missing the programming box for it. The 4651T needs to be updated before we start but that is all that is left to do. I have the special cable made up to attach the 4651T to the iKON2 but your 4549T will fit right in with no adaptor needed. I already have two systems with the 4649T fully operational. You are correct about the Jeti in that you would need new receivers (I am not sure if their remote receivers are like those from Spektrum or not) for each project you have but I am sure that you would be able to use the existing FBL units you have. Take care.

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