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Originally Posted by Morrchew View Post
Yup same here canít wait . Wonder if it will use the Kraken power train .
I believe it does. Ennio Graber took 2nd place in the 2019 F3C Precision Aerobatics World Championship with an almost stock Kraken. In effect, the Kraken served as the basis/prototype for the new Genesis. At the beginning of 2019, I was aware that SAB was updating the Urukay. I had this vision of the new Urukay looking like the typical F3C helicopter we see at contests overseas (e.g., Quest Impaction 775 with a Staysee fuselage). When I first saw the new Genesis, I was somewhat disappointed in that it did not have my notion of that "F3C" look; however, the design has grown on me. I like the green color scheme but having owned three green helicopters, they're not easy for me to see when they're far out as they would be when flying F3C. I might order one directly from SAB and have their custom shop swap out the green for something else.....maybe a red/orange blend or cub yellow.

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