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Default FPV 450 Build

So, I can't fly helicopters LOS really. I can tail-in hover, but that's literally about the extent of my skill level. And I'm just too damn nervous and not rich enough to be crashing the things left and right learning to fly with the nose in, let alone anything else.

Besides that, it's always been a dream of mine to FPV a helicopter. I've finally managed to achieve this, even in light of the FPV game having moved completely in the direction of quads.

Here's a very brief build log

A short hover test (before I had the FPV equipment mounted).

And a pretty badly shot flight video.

I'm still working on perfecting how it flies, kinda learning as I go along here. I love hearing advice and suggestions, and I've even got a thread going over it, for a breakdown of the specific issues I'm running into.

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