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You get a $50 Euro voucher off your first order of $80 or more I believe, it gets applied in your basked on as you order the modules. So bear that in mind, and order the ones you want together :-)

The DS-12 is pretty similar to my DS-14 in terms of features included:

For me, of all the options I've purchased, I mainly use:

- Flight modes up to 6 (I use throttle hold as a mode on helis, plus the usual Normal, IU1, IU2)
- Voice output (great for battery mAh telemetry)
- Function curves
- Logicswitches up to 10 - Nice to have for tinkering, and I do use this on some models

I also bought several that I figured I would eventually use on planes, or scale models, but they're definitely not essential for helis:
- Event sounds up to 10 - You can assign sounds to flight modes, switches, telemetry alerts. So this only really covers items you can't already notify on. I really don't need it often, the default 5 on the DS-14 is honestly plenty :-)
- Sequencer up to 3 - Great for landing gear, etc... not something I really use.

I've found that the more I've learned about Jeti, the more I've found a huge amount of functionality is just included as standard. You don't need many free mixes for planes when so many mixes are available in the standard menus, and you can add independent functions to control multiple servos or features anyway from the same inputs.
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