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Originally Posted by nheather View Post
Only ever had Futaba, several models over the years - currently an 8FG, so I have only ever experienced plastic gimbals.

Now I am considering a Jeti DS-12 and I see there are two versions, standard and special edition.

The main difference between the two is that the special edition has metal gimbals whereas the standard has plastic gimbals. That isn't the only difference but the only one that would be significant to me.

But never having experienced Jeti gimbals myself and never metal gimbals of any make I wonder what is the difference.

Are the metal gimbals genuinely better or is it largely bling and hype. I have even seen people saying that they don't like the metal gimbals on another make (not Jeti) because of the noticeable 'clunk' as the sticks cross the centre.


I have one metal and one plastic in my radio, honestly I can't tell the difference at least while flying anyway, maybe others can but I cannot speak for them. Would I buy metal over plastic? If I had cash to burn, sure why not. I certainly am not running out to change out my remaining plastic gimbal though. Only reason I have one metal is I replaced a faulty gimbal with it because I got it locally for a good deal otherwise I would have been content with the plastic replacement.
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