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Hello Nigel
I bought the special edition as it is about 120 dearer in the UK but you get the alloy case which costs 48 and a receiver which costs 63 so not much dearer when you take the extras into it. And then you get carbon front panel and alloy gimbals. I have not touched the normal ds12 with plastic gimbals so could not comment on the difference. I read that the normal ds12 with plastic gimbals that you can not rotate them but the alloy ones are rotateable and i have rotated them so more inline with the thums movement when you hold the tx. If you look at the spirit website you can see the extras that Tomas feels are needed for helicopter use, there are 4 extra moduals extra. Also with Jeti Uk just down the road from you there would be no problem sorting any thing out. Jeti Uk was also able to swap the rx that comes with the tx to a REX3 so able to use with the Spirit.....
Regards Adrian
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