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Originally Posted by nheather View Post
Yes I am aware of the other extras and if you want them it is decent value.

Not such a big deal for me now.

I recognise the cost and value of the aluminium case but in reality I doubt I would use it. I had one with a Futaba transmitter which I never used.

I’m not a fan of faux-carbon and I’m not that keen on the special edition logo. They are that bad, just that they wouldn’t be my first choice.

And the receiver, I’d prefer the price difference was another 10-20 and the included a more capable receiver.

Which is why I’m interested how significant the metal gimbals are.



If you do not like faux- carbon you are in luck as it is real carbon. As i said Bernie at Jeti Uk swaped out the receiver for me so i could use it with the Spirit and i would ask him about a different rx and perhaps he would change out the rx for you......
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