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Originally Posted by rcflier1 View Post
ok, 1st scale build. phoenixtech mechanics in a airwolf fuse. i,m only used to 3d set ups. something tells me the xnova 4025/1120 i have for it is way overkill. what motor/ pinion do i really need

Try this formula-

RPM = kV x (# of cells x 3.7V) x 0.9 (efficiency) x pinion teeth / main gear teeth = headspeed at 100% throttle towards the end of the flight.

Then, depending on what ESC you have you can work out a governing factor - eg. most CC ESCs like to run between 90-95%, so you can use the formula to play around with motor kV and pinion teeth to get it where you want it.

For the record, I run a Xera 4030-470kV (XNova predecessor) in my 4x 600mm 12s Seahawk at 1350rpm headspeed, so I doubt a 4025 is overkill if it gives you the speed you are looking for.

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