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Default Graphics Issues

I am having some graphics issues when running AccuRC. It starts out running 60FPS no problem and then has random drops to 10FPS while flying which makes the model not flyable and I crash. I was originally thinking it was due to my recent change in monitor size up to a 2560x1080 but the issue persists if I run it at 1920x1080. I feel like my GPU should be able to handle the settings I have listed below without any issues but AccuRC is maxing it out at 100% almost constantly while flying. I have listed some of my computer specs and the graphics settings I have in AccuRC below. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

AMD Radeon R7 M360 Dedicated GPU, VRAM 2048MB, DDR3 1000Mhz
I7-7500 2 Cores 16GB Ram

Anti Aliasing Off
Target Frame Rate 60
Render Quality Low
All graphics options off except rotor disc blur
Logo 550SX, Blade 360CFX 3s, 150s, 120SR, mSRX, mSR, Nano CPX, MCX2
Spektrum DX6 G3
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