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Default DS-12 3D printed knobs?

Hey guys,

So, I just bought a new DS-12 It's great!, I do like it, but being a pincher, I have a few minor issues I need to try to sort out. My fingers are rubbing against the two pots above the gimbals (5 & 6), so I either need to remove the pots, or find lower profile knobs to fit those pots.

So, Questions:-

1) Does anybody know of anybody who has 3D printed some knobs for these little pots that are not as tall as the standard ones?
2) It looks like the hole for the pot on the front case is 6.35 mm (1/4 inch) can anybody confirm, just in case I need to buy some blind plugs to fill those holes if I need to remove the two pots.
3) The switch collets on the top (not front panel) toggle switches on my DS-14 are a lower profile than the ones on the DS-12. I'd like to fit those lower profile collets to the DS-12 and lower the switches into the case a little further with some nylon spacers. Is it possible to buy 4 of those lower profile collets w/o having to buy the taller collets as well?


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