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I fly a 700 size B222 which weighs 14lbs so very similar to your Airwolf.

Head speed is 1350 IDLE UP1, 1400 IDLE UP2 Using Spinblade Asymmetrical 600mm 69mm chord blades. I find this gives me pretty spritely flying ability.

5000mAh gets me about 7 minutes of flying using 10s.

I would replace the Main Gear with the Black 13mm thick option if you plan on anything more than moderate sport flying.

Use a lower head speed gain setting to help reduce the chances of a pinion stripping the main gear.

I'm unsure if they are a direct fit for the Phoenixtech but, if able, I'd replace the tail drive gears with the Align 'Red' gears which are quite a bit more robust.

I fly what I call mild/moderate sport with it. Here's a video:
In this clip I had a peak amp of 42 and average of 21amps aka 1700W and 760W respectivley.

Trooper7's Bell 222 (6 min 11 sec)

With your 1120kva motor, 6s power, 170T main and 12T pinion you could run a headspeed range of 1350 - 1450 giving an ESC output of approx 86-92% respectively - which is well in the ball park for efficiency.

Because your using 6s you will see higher amp draw than my 10s. ie. for my flight above those numbers for you would be 77amp peak and 34amps. As long as you have an ESC capable to handle these numbers your good.

Your motor has 3000watt (continuous) limit which is more than enough.

Also note that the higher amps will shorten your flight time for the same 5000mAh supply.

Last thing, be careful doing tail slides against the anti torque. I avoid them in this direction as the loads on the tail rotors put huge strain on the 'Umbrella' gear set between the AR gear and tail transmission/drive.

1:5 BK-117 - 1:4 MD500E - 700 MD500E - 700 B222

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