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Originally Posted by 3D Dave View Post
I don't know anything about separate telemetry receivers, but if they are also receiving the "control" signals from the TX, that's great and that should be redundant enough.

If they are only used for telemetry however, then you really only have one for actual control of the heli.

Also, I'm like you in that I try to keep the antennas as far away from the ESC & motor as practical.

In my case, all my larger helis use NEO's, so the antennas are mounted in holders that attach to the boom right behind the canopy.
This is the first time I have used the telemetry receiver so I will disconnect the sat and verify that I still receive control in case I made a wrong assumption.
EDIT: I did exactly that and confirmed that I still had control with the just the telemetry receiver attached and no satellites.

I did consider a boom mount for a sat, even the tail, lol. That's actually a great place to isolate the receiver. I wasn't comfortable with running wires down the boom though.

Originally Posted by slogoat View Post
Great review! Man do I agree with you about the manual for the canopy posts lol. When I built my meg a while back, I actually did mount them in the top center hole, and realized my goof when attempting to attach to the main frame. Fast forward to tonight, and I did it AGAIN building my nitroxy ! Lmao
I'm glad you said that. I was a bit sheepish about even putting in that part assuming I might be the only one that screwed it up.

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