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i first set it up i used the old 4649 telemetery reciever with a dsmx satalight on a brain fbl unit everything was fine
If it worked with the SPM4649T, you don't have a "Brain". You have a Brain2.
The SPM4651T uses the Spektrum SPMA3066 "SRXL2 update cable" to connect to the Brain2.

You also have to change the receiver type in the Brain Configuration app for Windows to the Spektrum SRXL2 receiver.

Lastly, do not use the push-button on the SPM4651T to bind the sat & the receiver to the transmitter. Either use the standard Spektrum bind plug plugged into the the Brain2's "4-5-6" port on power up or click the "bind" checkbox in the Brain Configuration app for Windows. Using the Spektrum bind-plug is the easiest.

Also, to be safe, I would remove the main and tail blades on the heli until you get this sorted.
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