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but I noticed the dsmx satellite blinks every now and then it does not stay solid like the 4651 I have another heli with the same receiver but the newer satalights on it and they don't blink at all is that normal?
Which part? Blinking occasionally or staying on solid?
Not blinking and staying on solid is normal for DSMX
The old DSM2 sats blinked with a continuous and regular1 second on/off when they had a voltage drop-out and rebooted during the flight.

Also, be sure you have a DSMX sat and not an old DSM2 sat. You cannot mix a DSMX (SPM4651T) with a DSM2 sat.

Neither the old DSM2 or DSMX sats blink randomly unless there is something wrong with their cables (bad connection or frayed wires) or they are attached to a flaky flight controller or the transmitter is flaking out randomly while you are watching it.

Start logging the Fades on the iKON2 for the SPM4651T and the sat. You can play back the log to see if there are RX Fades or Sat Fades being recorded.
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